How Can I Find Hair Vendors?

How Can I Find Hair Vendors?

You’ve finally made the leap of faith and decided to enter the hair extensions business. Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and one of your top priorities is to look for a good Hair Vendor.

The virgin hair market is booming right now and this is the best time for you to enter this money making industry. According to reports from PR Newswire, the hair extension and wig business will grow to an enormous $10 billion industry by 2023. Wouldn’t it be great to have a huge piece of the pie?

Market saturation in your area is a valid concern and to be on top of the competition a great hair supplier should be part of the equation.

It’s fun to think about your logo, blog posts, photo shoots, and web design but your first order of business is sourcing high-quality virgin hair. You need to find a reliable vendor and develop a lasting relationship with them to ensure success in the industry.

The hair extensions business can bring in the money and picking the right vendor can mean the difference between success and failure. Imagine having tons of customers complaining about your products because you made the wrong choice of hair vendor. 

Many first time hair extension business owners have fallen into this trap of a bad vendor with low-quality hair products. There are many out there and you have to be wary of them. Choosing the right vendor for your business should be done with prudence and wisdom.

Google is Your Best Friend

Newbies go to AliExpress to source their hair extensions. The problem is there are many bad vendors mixed with the good. Don’t get duped into low minimum order offers you may regret it in the end. The good news is AliExpress is not your only option in looking for a hair vendor.

Google is a good alternative for searching and bookmarking your favorites. Choose sites where they have reviews so you can make the right choice.

Check on the quality of information available on the website or GMB page. If they know a lot about their craft it means that they have invested time and money into their business. The top wholesale virgin hair bundles suppliers know what they are talking about compared to sites with celebrity pictures and nothing else.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices you should build a relationship with your vendor. Call them or send them an email. If you are sourcing from a supplier from a different country, email will suffice. For English speaking suppliers on a different continent ask if they are willing to talk via Skype, Meet, or Zoom.

If you see any red flags like non-responsive sellers, vague websites, or vendors that give offers that are too good to be true you should trust your gut. Don’t make the mistake of picking the cheapest vendor, high-quality hair comes with a price. If you want to dominate the competition you need to pick the right vendor that offers high quality hair extension products.