How can I start a hair business with no money?

How can I start a hair business with no money?

Interested in starting a hair extension business but don’t have the cash to start? The hair bundle and extension industry has been booming in recent years and many people want to get involved in the business to make more money.

The good news is you can start a virgin hair business at home without any investment upfront.

Learn Hair Knowledge

To succeed in the hair industry you must be an expert on your product lines. Learn everything that you can about wigs, bundles, extensions, weaves, and supplies. Google is your best friend and you can learn online for free. 

If you already have a human hair supplier you can ask for training materials about the products and study the information.

Market research is an invaluable tool that can help grow your business and keep your company ahead of the competition.

Draft a Marketing Plan

After you master product knowledge it's time to formulate a marketing plan for your business. You can copy the strategies of well-known competitors and use what works and avoid the tactics that fail.

Free Inventory

You don’t have to keep inventory to start your business. You can order the products that you need when you receive payment from your customer and have your supplier drop ship the product to your client. With this system you don’t have to spend on inventory for products.

Free Online Store

The internet has been a blessing to many businesses as you can now have your own online store without investment. You can open a shop on eBay, Amazon or create a business page of Facebook without paying for anything.

Shopify is a good platform for an eCommerce store and you can have your own hair store set up on the Shopify platform.

Free Promotions

Social media is a free marketing tool that you can take advantage of. You can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube for Free. You can start a contest to attract more customers or get in touch with influencers who can promote your brand.

There are paid ads on some of these social media platforms that you can also consider using for your marketing strategy when you start earning from your business. Paid ads allow you to target customers better compared to free postings.

There is a lot of information on how to sell on social media that you can access for free on Youtube.

Look for a Dropshipping Supplier That Doesn’t Charge Anything To Be a Distributor

Choosing the right hair supplier is a vital part of your hair business. There are suppliers out there who can provide dropshipping services without any upfront costs. You can become a hair distributor for free and start selling your raw virgin hair bundles and extensions to your customers.

These suppliers can give you the lowest factory direct selling prices and package your orders with your brand and logo. Delivery is also fast and they can dropship in large quantities. You can also request for technical support and product knowledge. A good supplier has a returns policy for your protection.