How Much Does a Hair Vendor Cost?

How Much Does a Hair Vendor Cost?

You love hair extensions and you’ve decided to start a business of selling them. This is an exciting time and you are eager to get your hair business off the ground and running. 

There are people selling hair vendor lists on Instagram and you wonder if you should buy?

Choosing the best wholesale virgin hair vendors is not an easy task. We share the details on how much you should spend for a hair vendor list.

What is a Hair Vendor List and Are Good Vendors on it?

As more and more people are getting into the hair extension industry, a trend of selling hair vendor lists has gained traction the past few years.

The hair extension industry gets $10 billion in annual sales so we are not surprised why many are jumping into the bandwagon.

A good list will contain a bunch of suppliers that will sell you wholesale hair extensions for your business.

The question you should ask is are the best vendors on the list you plan to buy?

Anyone can make their own list, it can take less than a day to finish a hair vendor list. 

How Much Do You Pay For a List? 

There are lists that cost $50 while some go up to a whopping $998! Some lists will categorize by the type of vendor like Indian hair and another category for Brazilian hair.

Rather than spend on the hair vendor list why not buy some sample bundles from a few suppliers then decide which one is the best.

Be diligent and do your own research, Google can be your best friend. 

There are many horror stories about hair vendors from overseas. After sending payment you may not hear from them again. In other instances, you send payment but never get the hair bundles you ordered.

Some hair salons ordered samples and got nice bundles at first but when they made bulk orders what they got was low quality bundles that they could not offer to their customers.

If only there was a hair vendor that offered a money back guarantee.

Before you purchase a list you should check out some suppliers and buy samples instead. For overseas vendors you need to be cautious. You don’t want to lose your hard earned money from a scammer who wants to earn a quick buck.

A good vendor  provides customer support, drop shipping, training and education, and customer service that you can actually speak to. 

When ordering overseas, calculate the delivered cost of your hair bundles. Factor in shipping costs and transaction fees. It may be better to choose a hair company in the U.S. if you are located in America.

Alibaba and Aliexpress have lists of hair vendors you can check out but you need to be careful because the good vendors are mixed with the bad ones on those sites.

Aliexpress had to remove 90% of all their vendors at one time because of issues and complaints they were getting.